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RE: php-mysql-cygwin how to - have_crypt = YES ? have_openssl? mysqld under cygwin?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Elfyn McBratney []
> Sent: Dienstag, 8. Juli 2003 12:00
> > [mysql client]
> >
> > Wanna try this myself sometime. Did you have to tweak it much or did it
> > compile out of the box?
> >
> > Andrew.
> From memory (haven't compiled MySQL on Cygwin for a while) it
> compiles fine, the
> only problem was, and perhaps still is, with the server.  The
> libraries work
> fine, too. I promised myself that I'd try and get it
> working...But so little
> time and so many things to do. :-)
> All it needs is a straight
>   ./configure --without-server --prefix=/usr
>   make; make install
Could you please check in this mysql client you compiled with "show
variables;" whether the "have_crypt" and the "have_openssl" are "NO" or
If "YES", you might be able to get state-of-the art password verification
working in mysql under windows too!
see the use of the "encrypt()"  as per

mysql> update TBL_USER set password= encrypt('holderio', '$1$saltsalt$')
where login= 'ameyer';
mysql> select encrypt( 'holderio', password) = password from TBL_USER where

P.S.: hopefully this solves it and we won't have to wait for the first
successful compilation of mysqld under cygwin.

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