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Re: CRLF to LF Issue

On July 3 at 2003 0:49, "Hannu E K Nevalainen (garbage mail)" wrote:

> FYI... :-}
> I've been in this situation since 1985 or so... (Amiga user since 
> then.AmigaOS uses LF EOL. Also been using MS "OS'es" since before 
> '85).
> "My way" has been:
> 1) Keep each OS clean of files not having the default line ending
> 2) Make sure to always CONVERT files _at the very moment_ they're
> transferred

Im sure that must be convenient ;)

> Sidenote:
> There is several ways to accomplish "2)" on the Amiga:
> a) Enable CrossDOS (AmigaDOS file system for vfat) internal 
> conversion b) dos2unix-like utilities
> c) Use an editor that manages files undependent of EOL style

Bingo.  If you're using Cygwin you've got access to vim, emacs, nano, 
all of which support variations to the line terminator.  Richard 
mentioned before that "The source code is designed to ONLY be used in 
MS-Windows, so I'm not interested in porting between Unix/MS-
Windows."  There's plenty of good editors (especially the ones 
intended for development) for windows that can handle LF as EOL.  
ConTEXT is quite nice if you go for 'free'/shareware.

I use LF for all my sources, whether they're unix or not.  As (I 
think?) you say, internal CRLF'ing and vice versa is just going to 
have problems where internal conversion doesn't behave as the user 
expects (read: cant read the user's mind).

Dean Scarff


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