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Re: is mail or mailx ported to cygwin

On Tue, 8 Jul 2003, Steve wrote:

> Hi, I am on win 2000.
> Did not notice mail or mailx in my installatin of cygwin.  I didn't find
> it on the cygwin site.
> Is there a port of mail or mailx for cygwin.  If not, is there another
> scriptable email utility?
> Steve

Well, grepping <> for "mail" produces:
       exim        A Mail Transfer Agent.
       fetchmail   Remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility
       mutt        A text mode mail user agent
       pine        A text based E-Mail and Newsreader. It includes Pico
       procmail    procmail mail processing program
       ssmtp       A minimal mail-transfer agent which forwards mail to an SMTP server

Also, do you Google? <>
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