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Re: php-mysql-cygwin how to

Hello Max,

> Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
>> Hello Max,
>>> 3) The long standing server problem. It seems like the complex C++ is
>>> confusing gcc?

>> No, it is a problem with the Cygwin/MySQL socket code.  Nothing works
>> with 1.3.22, similar as it is with Apache.  The older versions, e.g.
>> 1.3.10 works better, but still not without crashes.

>> After Corinna fixed the code, so Apache is running without problems on
>> 1.5 now, MySQL still crashes randomly (same behaviour as with 1.3.10),
>> maybe it crashes more often as before, well it is completely unstable
>> and nor usable as database server.

> Huh? I get lots of "undefined reference to
> `__static_initialization_and_destruction_0(int, int)'" errors during
> *linking*. I never get a server binary to test.

> N.B. This is with 4.0.13  - you mentioned 4.1-alpha before, perhaps that is
> why we see different problems.

This was easy :-)

That is the main part of the patch I promised to send Elfyn.

In short:  Comment out all '#pragma interface' and '#pragma implementation'
lines, it doesn't work on Cygwin.

And besides that, compiling and linking works well.


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