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Re: find -exec oddity

Brian Dessent wrote:

Ken Dibble wrote:

As you can see, there are indeed some directories, but a whole bunch of
which shouldn't be there as well.

The big question now is why are some files considered directories?

I don't see the confusion here. You're feeding to "ls -l" the parameters "./" , "./files to backup.txt" , and "./idiot.txt" which are the results of find. "./" is a directory, so ls prints its contents not its name, that's why you see listings for all the files in the current directory, followed by listings for "files to backup.txt" and "idiot.txt". When you add "-d" to ls, you get just three lines of output, corresponding to the three things that find found. How is this confusing?


Like I said, I'm an idiot.
It did not occur to me that "./" was being passed to "ls" and that ls was just doing
what it was told and listing the entire directory.

Thanks for helping me out.


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