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Re: Performance problem

Thanks Larry,
I know about the license. About the speed - it's several times slower... May be it worth the effort to make some benchmarking...
Larry Hall wrote:

Vladimir Baltchev wrote:

Hi there,
We are about to port Unix - Irix and Linux applications to Windows using Cygwin. However the Cygwin version is very slow compared to Linux, even I compiled with the optimize option -O2. It is a Windows 2000, the program is a segmentation editor using Qt, OpenGl and some image processing.
What is the reason? Is it OpenGL on cygwin, or both?

You'd need to do some performance testing to figure out specifically where the bottleneck is for your applications. However, as you must be aware, Cygwin is a POSIX emulation layer. It's simply going to be slower than non-emulated environments and native environments. That said, you'll certainly be able to find performance issues in Cygwin that can be addressed to make it faster. We'd welcome efforts in this area. Also, keep in mind that Cygwin is under the GPL license. This means your applications' licenses would need to conform to the open source model if you plan to distribute it. Otherwise, you need to get a "buy out" license from Red Hat. See


for more details.

Vladimir Baltchev
Senior Software Developer @ Orthosoft R&D Inc
Tel (514) 861-1837 ext 230

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