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Re: UW-IMAP mailbox corruption

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On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 12:56:29PM +0100, Steve Burkett wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Just trying to piece me first Cygwin mail server together, and so far
> have Exim accepting mail and putting it in the mailbox, but when I try
> to access the mail via Outlook2002 using the UW-Imap server, I find that
> while it works for one or two messages it starts to report:
> IMAPrev4 server crashing : header size inconsistent
> I followed the readme.txt and mounted the mail dir in binmode so when I
> do a Mount I get:
> --
> $ mount
> c:\cygwin\var\spool\mail on /var/spool/mail type system (binmode) <rest
> snipped>
> --
> And have put in place a link so that /var/mail points to
> /var/spool/mail, so that UW-Imap can see the mailbox when it looks in
> /var/mail.
> As I say, it does work, but it quickly becomes corrupted. I've also
> tried using Outlook Express running on the local machine to see if it
> was a (dropped?) connection issue but same thing happens. Works for a
> bit, then gets corrupted.

This mail reminds me of the days whe I first tried mutt on cygwin. It
could read mails but corrupted the mailbox. I don't remeber he reason
exactly but it had to do with binary or ascii file access of mutt.
Gruss Olaf FÃllinger

- -- 
Olaf FÃllinger
S.E.S.A. Software und Systeme AG
Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (Cygwin)


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