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Re: Complaint Received (Tracking ID: 1272411) (fwd)

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> I just got this in my inbox. I did not sumbit this report (why would I)
> and am guessing one of the subscribers did so, or the original poster.
> I'm not to sure what to do about this.. ?
Perhaps the original poster (or one of the subscribers of the 
cygwin-proper list, but that's less likely) works for this Level3 thingy 
and inadvertantly forwarded the message.. 

I'd have a look at the mail headers to see if there's something in there 
(but you probably already did that) and perhaps send a message to Level3 
asking for explanations (but you probably already did that too).

It is odd, though, that there seem to be robots subscribed to this list -
I sometimes get bounce/auto-reply messages when sending mail to this list,
though I think the mailing list software should be taking care of that
already. As my spam filter filters them out before sorting my mail, those 
mails end up in my "postmaster" box sothey don't bother me here, but 
perhaps one of those "mailing list verify" messages some other lists (like 
gpg or djgpp) send from time to time would be a good idea here..

Ah well..

Anyway, Elfyn, *please* don't let it discourage you from replying to 
cygwin list messages - you reply to a lot of them and your answers are 
(very) often *very* informative. (Same goes for Igor, Larry, Corinna, 
Chris, and various others)


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