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Re: Performance problem

Vladimir Baltchev <vbaltch at orthosoft dot ca> wrote:

In fact you have 3 gl.h in cygwin but only one library - libGL, and it's the X11 one...

Nope. There is also libopengl32.a (in /usr/lib/w32api). That's the one used by the OpenGL package, and the one using hardware acceleration if available.


OK, guys,
I understand what Andre is saying, but he said cygwin is offering an opportunity to use a OpenGL package different from the X11 one.


In fact I am trying to use cygwin to avoid havy porting effort. Obviousely OpenGL on cygwin is slow

Slow under X11 only.

and I'll forget about cygwin if I have to rewrite the application...
Anyways, thanks for the help

Larry Hall <cygwin-lh at cygwin dot com> wrote:


I think you're a little too fixated on the portability aspects such that you're not really processing what Andre is saying. If you want absolute minimal porting changes, the route you took is the proper one, but you will suffer extreme performance degradation due to the fact that all of the processing for GL will happen in software. If this isn't acceptable to you, then you do need to do more porting so that you're application works with Windows rather than X.


 For that, you can go 100%
native Windows with your entire application

I think Larry means D3D here.

or you can use the OpenGL
package in Cygwin so that you only need to port the GL portion.

In fact, it's the converse. With the OpenGL package, the GL portion will be 100% compatible, so it won't need any porting. It is the window management and user interface that will need to be ported.

There is
no libGL with Windows implementation of GL or in the OpenGL package that
comes with Cygwin so I wouldn't waste any time trying to figure out why
you can't find one outside of the X package.


You may try to find some commercial, X11 server supporting hardware acceleration for OpenGL. The XFree86 server of the Cygwin distribution is not such a server.

The other way to build a portable application would be to use some OS independent layer such as GLUT and its GLUI derivative. Both are part of the OpenGL package.

André Bleau, Cygwin's OpenGL package maintainer.

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