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Re: Parameters to ReadFile(), SetCommState() for COM ports

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, vadraj kulkarni wrote:
> This is regarding opening target in Cygwin. I have written a simple code
> which communicates with my hardware. If i am not wrong, cygwin has
> written simulation program to open com port... etc in windows. Can
> anybody tell me what all the parameters i should pass to

> CreateFile() function as well for SetComState() for COM ports.
If you want to use the Cygwin (POSIX) API to communicate with COM ports, 
use the ANSI/POSIX functions on /dev/ttyS0

i.e. as Cygwin is a POSIX emulation layer, the devices it provides access 
to are accessible through their UNIX named - /dev/ttyS* for COM ports.

You should use them as you would use COM ports from a UNIX application..



> ReadFile() function never return after receiving 2-3 packets.
> thansk & regards
> vadiraj
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