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mount managed warnings!

I should have put some stronger caveats in the release announcement
about the use of the -o managed option to mount.

As people have discovered, it is not ready for prime time.  And, even
if it was ready for prime time, it is definitely not something that you
want to use on all of your directories.  You should only use it for
directories that are initially unpopulated and are due to be completely
managed by cygwin (hence the name).

So, the best use would be to create an empty directory, mount it, and then
add files to it.  Do not try this on existing directories as it will probably
confuse cygwin.

I may make this a requirement for mount.  If mount notices that you are
mounting a non-empty directory initially, it will issue a warning.

I will fix the currently reported problems in the next cygwin snapshot if
people want to play with this.  I do appreciate bug reports but now that
I've laid out the ground rules, please lets not hear about how this doesn't
work right in your root directory.


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