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Re: rxvt shortcut problem (bash, XP, memory, heap, Win32 error 487)

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Garrett, Ron wrote:

> I'm having trouble starting rxvt from a shortcut icon. If I simply click on
> the rxvt.exe icon in a Windows Explorer window, then I get a console window
> that is running /usr/bin/sh. If I then try to start bash, I get a heap
> allocation error:
> $ ps
>       180       1     180        180  con 1005 11:43:00 /usr/bin/rxvt
>      3292     180    3292        948    0 1005 11:43:01 /usr/bin/sh
>      3812    3292    3292       2440    0 1005 11:43:17 /usr/bin/ps
> $ bash
> C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe: *** Couldn't reserve space for cygwin's heap
> (0x2B80000) in child, cygheap, Win32 error 487
> If I try a shortcut that starts bash immediately (as suggested by several
> sources), then I see two windows open briefly and close. I'm guessing the
> same problem is happening there.
> If I start rxvt from a cygwin terminal window (already running bash), then
> rxvt starts up fine, and begins running bash itself. This happens even when
> I don't include the "-e /bin/bash" arguments to rxvt.

Can you send the output of `cygcheck -svr', as a plain-text *non-compressed*
attachment (not inlined) to the list? It might help pinpoint your problem.


Elfyn McBratney, EMCB

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