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Re: Cygwin apps talking to Windows browsers?

I'm no expert on how to do this in mh-e but speaking of the general case,
there's no particular jiggery-pokery needed to get a Cygwin app to launch
a URL in a Windows browser.

e.g. try typing

explorer "";

from your bash prompt, or if you want your default Windows URL handler to
handle it by magic, you can do

cmd /c start "";

(the start trick works in Win2K and XP, not sure about DOS-style Windows).

Assuming mh-e has a configuration option that lets you give it a command
string to execute with a %s or whatever where the URL should be, one of
those approaches should do the trick.

As far as clicking on a URL in a remote app and having it display in a
local Windows browser goes... Pass. Anyone else?


On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Jeffrey C Honig wrote:

> Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 11:32:59 -0400
> From: Jeffrey C Honig <>
> To:
> Subject: Cygwin apps talking to Windows browsers?
> I use emacs under Cygwin (with Cygwin/XFree86 and/or Exceed) and would
> like to switch to using mh-e in this environment.
> One thing that I would like to do is to be able to click on a URL and
> have my Windows browser (in this case Opera) be told to open the page.
> Is there an app to allow this?
> How about an app that would allow this from emacs running on another
> host via X?
> If there is no APP for this, is there an API for it?
> Thanks.
> Jeff

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