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flaky disk share access

Hi All,

When I ssh in to my cygwin/W2000 system, I don't reliably have access to
the disk shares, even if I log in as the same user who's "logged in on the
console." The shares in question are served by Samba and are reconnected
at "console" login every time with password authentication. They are also
system mounted within cygwin and always are available from the default
cygwin bash shell. This works as solid as a rock on my Windows NT systems
but on Windows 2000 it sometimes it works, and most of the time not. It
seems as though it's related to how long it takes me to log in after the
system has rebooted, but that could be a red-herring. I can't get it to
work often enough to really figure out why/how it sometimes works and
sometimes doesn't. Anybody got any ideas?

In a related question, is it possible to have an SSH user authenticate
themselves for their own private shares? If so, please point me in the
right direction! ...This would be damned handy, privilege wise, for
example, what about logging into a box that hasn't got anybody logged in
at the console?

Thanks much,

P.S. "cygcheck version 1.32", "Compiled on Mar 18, 2003" ... RT

Richard Troy, Chief Scientist
Science Tools Corporation, 510-567-9957,

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