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Re: development under 1.5.0 ?s

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Brian Ford wrote:

> Could Corinna, or someone else knowledgeable, help me clear up some
> issues with respect to development under 1.5.0?  If I should just
> wait for the (forth coming?) posting to cygwin-apps, just say so.
> Thanks.
> Is it true that I should not recompile anything under 1.5.0 unless
> all the dlls it uses have been recompiled first under same?  If not all,
> how do I identify the subset?

Anything using a datatype that has changed size from 1.3.22 to 1.5.0 in
its export list is unsafe.  Identifying the exact DLLs will require
looking closely at their export lists (or asking the package maintainers).

> So, 1.5.0 headers are not safe for development, except for dll package
> maintainers recompiling for the above purpose, and for those carefully
> checking from the bottom up?

The rule of thumb is: if you're using a DLL, beware.  Either that, or
recompile the DLL.

> Is it safe to use 1.3.22 headers with a 1.5.0 dll (I think so)?  Obviously
> the converse is not true.

Your statement isn't either.  All the structure sizes/offsets would have
changed, so you can't use older headers with the newer DLL.

> A comprehensive posting about the rules would be greatly beneficial to
> those of us who develop using Cygwin.
> --
> Brian Ford

Basically, until new experimental packages come out, it's better to either
rebuild the DLLs yourself, or to use static libs.  Oh, and code compiled
with 1.5.0 will most likely not run under anything older.
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