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Re: development under 1.5.0 ?s

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 21:51:28 +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> By testing.  It's save to use older DLLs if they don't expect any of
> the changed datatypes as parameter or part of a parameter.  This
> part of the application is of course not 64 clean.  However,  for
> testing purposes I've build OpenSSH using the current OpenSSL and it
> still worked fine.  Just as a prove of concept.

I tried this with some of our apps too and poof, seg fault.  I was just
hoping someone had already figured out any easy test to see if a dll is

I think package maintainers are going to have a hard time figuring out
when it is safe to recompile under 1.5.0.  And I bet there will be some
circular dependencies.

> It's safe to use 1.3.22 headers *together* with 1.3.22 libcygwin.a as
> well
> as it is safe to use 1.5.0 headers *together* with 1.5.0 libcygwin.a
> when building a package, Headers and libcygwin.a are birds of a feather.
> Mixing 1.3.x headers with 1.5.0 libcygwin.a and vice versa will very
> likely create a special application which main purpose is to test how to
> get segmentation violations.

What I was really reffering to was the strange, yet I believe valid,
configuration of 1.3.22 headers and import library with a 1.5.0 dll.

Thanks for the info.

Brian Ford
Senior Realtime Software Engineer
VITAL - Visual Simulation Systems
FlightSafety International
Phone: 314-551-8460
Fax:   314-551-8444

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