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1.5.0: rxvt copy/paste problems

I'm seeing some weird, new behavior with rxvt under cygwin-1.5.0-1
related to copy/paste and its interaction with the Windows
clipboard.  All of the weirdness described below goes away when I
revert to 1.3.22.  I'm running under Win2k Pro SP4.

It seems that if I startup rxvt directly from Windows (Run box or
cmd.exe shell), that rxvt works fine wrt copy/paste.  But, if I
start bash or ash first, and then start rxvt from there, the rxvt
copy/paste does not interact with the Windows clipboard at all.
Also, it seems that two rxvt windows start from the same bash/ash
process can copy/paste between one another, but not if they are
started from a different bash/ash process.

Here's an example.  From a DOS box, run 

  rxvt -e /bin/sh

That rxvt works fine for copying and pasting.  (I tried copy/paste
to/from Notepad.)

Now, from a DOS box, run



  bash --norc --noprofile

and then from the shell prompt, start two copies of rxvt:

  rxvt -e /bin/sh &
  rxvt -e /bin/sh &

Neither of those rxvt windows will copy/paste to the Windows
clipboard.  But, they will copy/paste between one another.

Now, from one of those rxvt windows, start another two rxvt windows:

  rxvt -e /bin/sh &
  rxvt -e /bin/sh &

Neither of those two new windows can copy/paste with Windows
clipboard or with the previously started two windows, but they can
copy/paste between one another.

One other observation.  If I start rxvt directly from a DOS box, and
then start additional rxvt windows from the first rxvt window, all
windows can copy/paste with the Windows clipboard and between one


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