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RE: Why do symlinks need to be system files

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, P. Brockill wrote:

> I've been having problems making CD-R's with symbolic links (the kind
> made when nowinsymlinks is set) which function under cygwin.
> I wanted to put symbolic links on a CD-R which cygwin could follow on any
> machine.  Then I could just toss in a CD, mount it under cygwin, and have
> the whole lot there, symlinks and all.
> However, it seems that (after posting to some groups) the system
> attribute doesn't get set when a system file is burned on a CD-R - it just
> becomes a "normal" file instead, and hence doesn't look like a symbolic
> link anymore under cygwin.
> Any suggestions on how to get around this would be greatly welcome,
> Cheers.

Sure.  Use new-style symlinks (i.e., shortcuts).  They only need to be
read-only, IIRC.  Make sure your CYGWIN variable doesn't contain
"nowinsymlinks", though.
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