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Re: default shell cannot be changed from bash to tcsh

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Alireza Moini wrote:

> I cannot seem to change the default shell from bash to
> tcsh, despite changing the entry in passwd.
> I have attached the cygcheck -svr and passwd entry.
> ali:unused_by_nt/2000/xp:1000:513:MY
> NAME,U-ALI-WORK-PC\ali,S-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-1000:/home/ali:/usr/bin/tcsh
> Also even when using bash the /etc/bash.bashrc and
> ~/.bashrc are not loaded.
> Thanks for the help
> Ali


What context are you trying to change your shell in?  If you want to
change the shell invoked by the "Cygwin" desktop shortcut, you should edit
the /cygwin.bat file.  The shell in /etc/passwd is mostly used by the
incoming terminal connections, e.g., sshd or inetd.

As for the .bashrc not being invoked, see the "Bash Startup Files" section
of the bash info page.
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