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Re: cygwin on Windows 2003...


I am using public key authentication. If I use the old
version of cygwin (1.3.1), I am able to ssh on to the
box. However, it fails with cygwin heap error while
spawning bash. But at least it does not give me
authentication error.

c:\bin\bash.exe: *** Couldn't reserve space for
cygwin's heap (0x24B0000) in child, cygheap, Win32
error 0

Hence, I think, that the issue is not related to
Windows 2003. Its more related to the version of
cygwin. Basically, I need an cygwin1.dll which does
not have heap error issue and which is compatible with

Is there any place, where I can get older versions of
cygwin1.dll, so that, I can try them one by one?


--- Corinna Vinschen <>
> On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 07:18:19AM -0700, Prasad
> Dabak wrote:
> > I am using cygwin 1.3.1 on Windows 2003. While
> > executing certain commands, I am getting the
> following
> > error. This happens especially, when, one command
> is
> > internally spawning another command
> > [...]
> > breaks openssh 2.5.2p2-3 server which I am running
> on
> > the system. In this case, I get an "Permission
> denied
> > (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive)." error
> when
> > connecting over SSH.
> I'm curious.  Are you using only password
> authentication or do you have
> actually publickey authentication working on that
> box?  If so, did you
> need to do something special?  Setting user rights? 
> Running as service
> under a special user account?
> As far as I know, it's impossible to get
> passwordless user context
> switch working in 2003 when using the SYSTEM
> account.  All services
> running under SYSTEM are getting the needed "Create
> a token object"
> user right explicitely removed from their access
> token befor getting
> started by the service control manager. :-(
> Corinna
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