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Re: cron as service problem with OLE application

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, John M. Adams wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I have this odd problem with the latest cron.  cron_diagnose seems to
> think everything is fine.  I followed the instruction for reinstalling
> cron as a service.  The service is set to interact with desktop.
> I want to run a perl (non-cygwin) script that starts a gui application
> and manipulates it via an OLE interface.  The application is for
> downloading financial data (CSI UA).
> When cron is running as a service, the application starts, the GUI
> comes up, but it does not start the update (as requested via OLE).
> If I start cron from a shell.  The application works as expected.
> Any clues?
> Thanks a lot.

Well, the one obvious difference is that cron as service runs from another
account (SYSTEM).  Another could be that the mount points and environment
are different inside the application.  Try adding "env > /tmp/env" and
"mount -m > /tmp/mounts" as one-time commands to your crontab and
comparing the output to that of the same commands run from a shell -- that
might provide some clues.  If all else fails, you could try to run cron
from a SYSTEM-owned shell and see if that makes a difference.  To get a
SYSTEM-owned shell, you could use the "at /interactive" trick (search the
archives for an example).
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