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Problems in compiling C-code After migrating from older version of cygwin

Hello all!  First time consulting the mailing list, long time user of =

Anyhow, I'm developing a program in C as a TCP-type server for a client =
system being made in Windows.  They've talked fine, but I recently had =
trouble using GDB.  Well, seeing as my copy of Cygwin was old, I =
decided, "Hey, I'll get the latest and greatest!"

Unfortunately, I'm getting errors out the wazoo now.  The code worked =
fine, prior to being used on this Cygwin and nothign has been altered.  =
It immediately has problems in 'types.h,' (under the include/cygwin =
directory) and finds parse errors prior to line 120 before, "int16_t."  =
Well, not only is this a problem, but in.h (also under the same =
directory) does the same with in_port_t prior to line 40, and then again =
with inet.h...

Did something pretty big change that would cause this to no longer =
compile?  I get a few warnings (actually in my source files now) that =
say, "warning: no newline at end of file," also something which I had =
never seen before.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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