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RE: Can't get ssh to forward X packets

The problem is on the client side.

Before you ssh to your other systems export DISPLAY=localhost:0

Than try and ssh into Linux systems.

1.  Before changing anything ssh into Linux system.  What does $DISPLAY
2.  After changing display on client side, What does $DISPLAY say?

Todd C. Bowden 
HP Certified 
5000 S. Bowen 
Arlington, TX 76017 
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-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Nokes [] 
Sent: Friday, July 11, 2003 2:41 PM
Subject: Can't get ssh to forward X packets

My name is Jeff.  I recently started a new job that gave me a Win2K box
to ssh into the various unix environments to do my work.  The box came
with SecureCRT on it, and it works fine.  I prefer to use the cygwin
environment so I set it up on my workstation, and it seems to work fine
as well, except for two issues, one of which is the question of this

Whenever I ssh into my dev linux boxes, wishing to have X packets
forwarded back to my local Xserver on my workstation, it doesn't seem to
be working through ssh on Cygwin.  It does, however, work with
SecureCRT.  I just set up Cygwin in June, so all the packages are
up-2-date.  And I've been using it for a long time at other jobs, and at
home, and the X forwarding via ssh always works, but not this time.
I've even tried re-installing the ssh package, but no changes.  When
looking at the verbose output, no mention of X forwarding at all.  I
know I'm doing it correctly:
   ssh -X username@host
... and I do log in successfully, but there's never a $DISPLAY variable
set on the remote host, as there should be.  When I check $DISPLAY when
logging in with SecureCRT, I can see it just fine, and X forwards
perfectly.  So, the OpenSSH server is not the issue.  I've even tried
setting my ~/.ssh/config file to have 'ForwardX11 yes', still nothing.
I've tried it using interactive and passive logins, etc., still no

The older versions of Cygwin I've ran in the past always forwarded X
seamlessly, not sure why the most recent install won't.  Anyone have any

Thanks in advance,
- Jeff

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