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Re: cygwin_logon_user() not working

On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 11:56:09AM -0500, msg wrote:
> be owned by the new uid.  The code fails on the call to
> cygwin_logon_user() which returns -1 (invalid HANDLE). The output
> of 'strace' on this program shows cygwin_logon_user() extracting
> the /etc/passwd information followed by a 'windows error 1314' which
> is 'unknown' and converted to error 13.

But you did look what error 1314 means, right?

> We've tried running the program from a bash shell logged-in as
> user 'root' and again logged-in as user 'Administrator' with no
> difference (Windows logins, not cygwin 'login' logins).

So it runs as expected.  Admin accounts don't have the right to call
LogonUser up to W2K.  This would only work on XP and 2003.  You have
to add the SeTcpPrivilege to the user who should call LogonUser.  See for the needed
user privileges (up to W2K).


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