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Re: make 3.80 and VPATH

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Then, we need to know *how*you*are*running*make*.

We're just typing 'make', which unless something changed, should be the same as 'make --unix'. 'make -p | grep MAKE_MODE' returns 'MAKE_MODE = unix'. Hmm. I do see that /etc/profile is setting MAKE_MODE=unix so that may not be make's default.

> You don't have to go into exhaustive detail about how mozilla works.
> You just need a (probably) three line makefile and a copy of the make
> command line and, if you are using it, description of the MAKE_MODE
> environment variable setting.
> I am not trying to be difficult.  I have tried to construct my own test
> case and, AFAICT, it works fine.
> I run it like thist:
> make --win32 -f mkfile
> mkfile contains:
> VPATH=c:/tmp
> all: remount.bat
> 	echo $?
> remount.bat exists in c:/tmp.

That example works fine if I do 'make --win32' but fails when just using 'make'. That is a change in behavior from the previous version of make. The testcase works with either of --unix & --win32 when using make 3.79.1-7 .

Using --win32 is not an option for building Mozilla as the common set of build rules assume that a bourne shell is being used.

- cls

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