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Re: Backing up cygwin

>>Now, why not store these things in goold old fuzzy and warm text
>>files? Registry sucks, and it sucks badly.
>You seem to be missing the point that you shouldn't be worrying
>about where such things as the mount table are stored.  Just use
>'mount -m'.

No, I guess you miss my point. Especially considering I didn't make 
it quite clear. I have a backup system in place. It knows which files 
to copy, where they are and where to put them back when needed. That 
involves many .ini files, so I can restore programs and don't have to 
reconfigure them. The use of 'mount -m' is no big deal, but it's not 
so easy (automatic) to handle as merely hauling files.

> It's really just sheer coincidence that cygwin works at all. 
> It's real job is just to royally piss people off with little
> things like storing values in the registry and making it hard to
> use network shares over ssh.

What??? There are obstacles in the way of using network shares over 
ssh too??? Damn it, you can't do anything right, can you?

Luciano ES
Santos, SP - Brasil

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