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Problem with dereference option on Windows LNKs (shortcuts)


I have a folder that's full of shortcuts to other files (called 'shortcuts'). I'd like to interact with the original files instead of the shortcut (.lnk) files. Basically, if the shortcut is created from within CYGWIN (ln -s [whether CYGWIN=nowinsymlinks or winsymlinks]), the command:

$ cp -LR shortcuts/ shortcuts2/

will copy the original files (dereferencing the symbolic links). However, if the shortcut was created in MS-Windows, all I get is a copy of the shortcuts. The only difference between the MS LNKs and the Cygwin ones that I see, besides file size/layout, is that all the shortcuts are read-only. Doing an ATTRIB +R * in the directory didn't make a difference.

This problem isn't specific to 'cp.' E.g., 'less' will work on an 'ln' shortcut but not a normal MS-Windows shortcut.

I'm using Cygwin v1.3.22 (Mar 18, 2003) on MS-Windows 2000.

Thanks for your help.


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