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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: uw-imap 2002d

I've updated the version of uw-imap to 2002d. This also includes the
uw-imap-imad, and uw-imap-util packages as well as the new c-client =

This release contains cygwin-specific fixes along with a few other
enhancements. The official release
announcement text follows:
imap-2002d is a minor release, released concurrently with Pine 4.56, and
contains primarily bugfixes.  Programs written for imap-2002 should =
with this version without modification, with one exception.  That =
is the ngbogus envelope flag, which stopped being used in imap-2002c and =
now gone for good.

The NNTP newsgroup listing code now tries to use wildmats on the NNTP
server, which should result in better performance especially on slow =
It is also once again permitted to log in on NNTP servers when /loser is

imapd now supports the UNSELECT command.

A new envelope flag, imapenvonly, indicates that the envelope in a
MESSAGE/RFC822 BODY structure only has the IMAP envelope components and =
the additional components from c-client: Newsgroups, Followup-To, and

uw-imap-imapd contains the imapd, ipop2d, and ipop3d daemons, which may =
added to your inetd.conf or xinetd configuration to provide an =
POP2, or POP3 mail server in a cygwin environment.

uw-imap-util contains the tmail, dmail, and mailutil programs, which can =
used for mailbox maintenance.  The tmail program is useful as an =
of email into your UW-imap server.  For instance, fetchmail may be
configured to use tmail as the mail delivery agent.

The uw-imap package contains documentation of the suite.  This =
is placed under /usr/doc/uw-imap-2002c1/ and the file
/usr/doc/Cygwin/uw-imap.README also contains some useful information.

The c-client package contains the C language headers and a static =
library to
link with when building applications that use the UW IMAP c-client =

The University of Washington IMAP site is at =

Please send questions or comments to the cygwin mailing list at:  Prior to submitting a question, please check the
included documentation, the UW-IMAP FAQ at, the Cygwin FAQ, the
Cygwin User's Guide, and the mailing list archives.

This program was built with SSL support enabled, but it also allows
plaintext passwords when you configure your server not to use SSL.  This =
partially compliant to an IESG recommendation that plaintext passwords =
be allowed when SSL is being used.  Please refer to
/usr/doc/uw-imap-2002c1/SSLBUILD for information about this.

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