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Cygwin NFS server problems - cannot mount from client (HPUX 11)

  I have installed the latest version of the cygwin NFS server - the
services start without trouble, I can see the mounts with "showmount", I can
see the daemons running from a remote HPUX 11 machine (rpcinfo -p). However,
when I try to mount anything, I get "No such file or directory" for the
mount point (which exists). I have traced the systems calls and I can see:

[/sbin/fs/nfs] mount("", "/root/cm", MS_DATA, "nfs", 0x7b041688, 64) ERR#2

for command-line

# mount -F nfs /root/cm

Where "/root/cm" is the mount point on the client and is the
IP of the cygwin PC. As far as I know, the first argument to mount here
should not be null and if it is, it will result in this error. The mount man
page claims that the first argument should be the FS type that sysfs(2)
uses. This machine can NFS mount without problem from, for example, a Linux
box. Any deas anyone?



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