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Re: SYSTEM password

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Raul Olias (EE/EEM) wrote:

>         Hi Corina,
> I have no idea of which password SYSTEM and Administrators users have.
> Could you provide they to me?
> Thnaks in advance,
> Raúl Olías Beltrán

:-D  Thanks for the laugh...

Seriously, though, "Administrators" is not a user, but a group (which is
allowed to own files on Windows), and thus doesn't have a password.
SYSTEM (aka LocalSystem) is a special user for running services, and not
intended to log in on the console, so no password for it either.

You can get a SYSTEM-owned shell by using an "at /interactive" trick
posted earlier on this list.  You might also be able to set the SYSTEM
password from that shell by running "passwd" or "net user LocalSystem *",
but I haven't tried it, so experiment.
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