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Re: #define _POSIX_REALTIME_SIGNALS causes parse error in sys/signal.h

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Attila Szegedi wrote:

> When I try to compile a sample .c file containing only these two lines:
> #include <signal.h>
> I get these parse errors:
> $ gcc sample.c
> In file included from /usr/include/signal.h:5,
>                  from sample.c:2:
> /usr/include/sys/signal.h:179: parse error before "siginfo_t"
> /usr/include/sys/signal.h:182: parse error before "siginfo_t"
> Lines 179-182 in signal.h read:
> int _EXFUN(sigwaitinfo, (const sigset_t *set, siginfo_t *info));
> int _EXFUN(sigtimedwait,
>   (const sigset_t *set, siginfo_t *info, const struct timespec  *timeout)
> );
> Anybody sees what's wrong? I stared long and hard at signal.h but see
> nothing wrong.
> Cheers,
>   Attila.

Try staring long and hard at the output of "gcc -E sample.c"... ;-)
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