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Re: Apache with mod_proxy as caching proxy randomly fails

"Hannu E K Nevalainen (garbage mail)" wrote:

> Well, I'm no real expert here - but to me this sounds as a
> filesystem "compatibility"(wd/sp?) issue. Do/Can you agree with this?
>  If this is the case it might pay off to study the differences between e.g.
> ext2/ext3 and the "emulated filesystem" in cygwin.

I had considered that, and if it was failing on filenames with e.g. ':'
or other windows-verboten characters, or was relying on case sensitivity
then that would explain it.  But I'm pretty sure all of this has been
taken care of by the Apache folks, in that it knows not to try any of
that stuff on the Cygwin target (which is an Apache-supported platform.)

Here's what I've been fooling with currently on this matter:

If I use wget, I can reliably replicate the log error messages simply by
adding the "--cache=off" command line parameter to an object that Apache
has already cached.  However, wget reports a 200 status code and the
correct file sizes -- in other words even though there's the error
message in the log file the request still aparently worked.  Somehow,
such cases are failing for IE however.  I'm beginning to think this is
related to some sort of IE-only strangeness (which would not be
surprising at all), but I'm not sure.


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