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Re: Permission problems with recent Cygwin

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 11:37:19AM +1000, wrote:
> On some recent installs of Cygwin (from a snapshot of a mirror site
> about a week ago), we've started getting some odd problems.  Re-running
> setup pointing it at a fresh setup and mirror does not fix the problems
> (naturally enough).
> A few key files in /etc (including /etc/profile!) have owner set to the
> person who did the install (a system admin person), but mode 700.  So one
> obvious effect is that /etc/profile can't be read by anyone except the
> installer, so PATH isn't set for ordinary users, so nothing works properly.


The problem occurs because the install is done by a Domain User
and because the Windows default setting at your site is to give no 
permissions to Everyone (at least in /etc).

There is a patch submitted to setup that is likely to
fix this. To assess if the patch would be effective in your case,
could you send the output of "getfacl /", "getfacl /bin" and 
"getfacl /etc" ? 
Additionally cygcheck reveals (the output of "id")  
UID: 11021(luke)        GID: 10513(Domain
groups=12919(adaytum)   10513(Domain Users)
13876(MS_VisualStudio)  13761(ZoneAlarm)
that you are not a member of Users (or that Users is missing from /etc/group),
which is unusual. If normal users are not in Users, the problem will
persist even with the setup patch.

"chmod -R a+rx /etc" is an effective answer. You could also change the group
to Users (assuming users are in Users) and change the group permissions.


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