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where can I get info on commercial version of cygwin

I am planning to use the cygwin1.dll in a project for a customer who does not allow the publishing of their own source codes. I do not want to discuss the brilliance of this rule here. But AFAIK the licensing model for the free version of cygwin (GPL) would require exactly that (publishing all source code that makes use of the cygwin1.dll ... right?)
So I need to at least evaluate where I could get a commercial license for cygwin1.dll from and at what price. I have tried to contact the redhat sales channels in various ways, but never got a reply whatsoever.
While this mailing list might not be primarily concearned with this issue, I am hoping that someone might be able to give me a hint/contact where to start asking. Perhaps even a rough idea about the price. I really need no support or anything. All I want is the right to distribute a proprietary SW-application and cygwin1.dll as part of that. I am happy to supply the cygwin source-tarballs also, but I can't supply the proprietary code that makes up the rest of the app.

Any comment is highly appreciated. Thanks,

H. Henning Schmidt

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