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Re: proftpd and cygwin


Please post instead of sending private email.

On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 05:13:27PM -0500, Wade Maxfield wrote:
> First, thanks for donating this!

You are welcome.

> I searched the mailing list, which is how I found your name.  I also
> searched the FAQ and the Documentation online.
> I installed proftpd, and running as administrator under windows 2000,
> service pack 2, I got
> $ /usr/sbin/proftpd.exe
> bdl - unable to set uid to 18, current uid: 500
> So I played with user settings and other things, and I get other
> errors.  I created a proftpd user in /etc/passwd with userid 500, and
> group id 513, as those were what it seemed to be complaning about.
> After making changes in /etc/proftpd.conf to reflect these user names,
> I then got the following:
> bdl - PRIVS_SETUP: unable to setuid(): Permission denied
> bdl - PRIVS_SETUP: unable to seteuid(): Permission denied
> bdl - PRIVS_ROOT: unable to seteuid(): Permission denied
> bdl - PRIVS_RELINQUISH: unable to seteuid(PR_ROOT_UID): Permission denied
> bdl - PRIVS_RELINQUISH: unable to seteuid(session.uid): Permission denied
> So, I'm currently stuck.  I just updated the cygwin package and
> rebooted before I tried running proftpd.exe, so everything should be
> sync'd.  
> Do you have any clues or things for me to try?

Yes, read the README:

> I've looked at all the settings and other things, but no luck so far.
> I need this package.  I have some other things I can do to get an ftp
> server, but I'd prefer to make this work well.
> Totally unrelated note, I'm typing this on openssh under cygwin under
> w2k, using a wireless link to a shell account on my linux system
> through a firewall.

The above is essentially my setup too -- except, in my case, its Cygwin
on both ends.  Isn't Cygwin great!

> I also use XFree86 under Cywin and it works well.
> thanks in advance!


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