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mutt/Cygwin locks on some characters?

I haven't seen this problem before.  I'm using all the latest Current
Cygwin packages under XP Professional.

I have an email to which I simply wish to reply.  When I try "r" in mutt,
mutt stalls/locks up when it tries to include the original email, and I
have to kill the process.  When I save the email to a file, I find that
the problem is imply that the person's name has an accent, e.g.
xxxé yyyy
If I edit this to
xxxe yyyy
then the return in mutt (using mutt -f file, etc.) works just fine.

Now, the same email under FreeBSD, using Mutt, on another
machine, works just fine with the original email.

Furthermode, under Cygwin, when I try
mutt -V
under tcsh, the printout immediately gets cleared?  (I do not have this
problem with other tools, e.g., `gcc -V`.)  Under bash I do not have
this clearing problem, but a reply under mutt still fails.

mutt drops a small mutt.exe.stackdump file:
    ------------8<------------ top cut -> bottom ------------->8------------
Stack trace:
Frame     Function  Args
0022DF50  61073F0A  (00000B5C, 00000006, 0022DFB0, 61076201)
0022DFA0  61074122  (00000B5C, 00000006, 0022DFF0, 6107465A)
0022DFB0  61073FCC  (00000006, 00000006, 00000000, 00000001)
0022DFF0  6107465A  (61001020, 004677C0, 0046772A, 000002E7)
0022E020  61001114  (0046772A, 000002E7, 004677C0, 00467C2D)
0022E7A0  00467C53  (100F279C, 100F2A40, 00000003, 100FABC0)
0022E7F0  0046823C  (100F279C, 100F2A40, 100F3320, 00000000)
0022EA40  004684F1  (100FACC8, 100FAC70, 00000000, 00000000)
0022EB70  00469468  (100FAC70, 0022EB20, 00000004, 00000001)
0022F120  0046554C  (00000001, 100FABD0, 00000000, 100F42B8)
0022F730  0041D5E0  (00000000, 00000018, 77F705FA, 002305DC)
0022FEF0  0043A581  (00000003, 615F0930, 100C0328, 0022FF24)
0022FF40  61007408  (610D1F58, FFFFFFFE, 000007F0, 610D1E7C)
0022FF90  610076ED  (00000000, 00000000, 00000001, 00000000)
0022FFB0  0049D912  (00439534, 037F0009, 0022FFF0, 77E814C7)
0022FFC0  0040103C  (0022E1F0, 00000001, 7FFDF000, ED0A3CF0)
End of stack trace (more stack frames may be present)
    ------------8<------------ bottom cut <- top ------------->8------------

In fact, I cannot even send this email from Cygwin.  I had to upload it
to my FreeBSD machine to send it.


 Prof. Lester Ingber           

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