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Re: user accounts and moving cygwin

David Sharp wrote:

Hi all,

A couple of questions.... I wanted root privleges on my user account within cygwin, so I simply changed the user and group numbers in /etc/passwd to 0:0. Now, I have set up SSHD to allow for remote logins, I would prefer user account privlages. How do I go about setting up a root user and changing my user account to non-root again?

0 is not the root ID on Windows.  That would be 'Administrators'.
Typically, that's user ID 544.

See /usr/doc/Cygwin/openssh-3.6.1p1-3.README for information on setting
up SSHD.  The default installation sets up a service that can switch
users (using the SYSTEM id).

Also, I have cygwin installed on my system partition, which has limited space. I want to move it to the D: drive since it has far more space allocated. Can I just move the c:\cygwin folder?

The easiest thing to do is simply uninstall and reinstall.  If you don't
want to do that, you can do as you suggest.  You'll need to 'umount' and
re-'mount' specifying the D drive instead of C for all your existing
mount points though.

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