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ACL or file locking issue?


Is this an ACL or file locking issue?

Trying to copy a registry file in a 'bash' shell
as a privileged user (whoami /priv appears below) yields:

(root's prompt is '#')
# cd /cygdrive/c/winnt/system32/config
# cp SAM /var/tmp
cp:'SAM.exe' and '/var/tmp/SAM' are the same file

I can reproduce this behavior on a plain file, eg:

# cd /var/tmp
# echo "testing" > foo
# chmod 770 foo
# chown Administrator foo
# chgrp SYSTEM foo
# cp foo bar
cp: 'foo.exe' and 'bar' are the same file

File must be mode=(at least)440,uid=Administrator,gid=SYSTEM to see

Changing file modes, user and/or group ownership on SAM however doesn't
allow access.

All replies much appreciated.

Michael Grigoni
Cybertheque Museum

Output of 'whoami /priv':

(O) SeTcbPrivilege     = Act as part of the operating system
(O) SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege   = Replace a process level token
(O) SeCreateTokenPrivilege     = Create a token object
(O) SeCreatePermanentPrivilege     = Create permanent shared objects
(X) SeLoadDriverPrivilege     = Load and unload device drivers
(X) SeChangeNotifyPrivilege     = Bypass traverse checking
(O) SeSecurityPrivilege     = Manage auditing and security log
(O) SeBackupPrivilege     = Back up files and directories
(O) SeRestorePrivilege     = Restore files and directories
(O) SeSystemtimePrivilege     = Change the system time
(O) SeShutdownPrivilege     = Shut down the system
(O) SeRemoteShutdownPrivilege     = Force shutdown from a remote system
(O) SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege     = Take ownership of files or other
(O) SeDebugPrivilege     = Debug programs
(O) SeSystemEnvironmentPrivilege    = Modify firmware environment values
(O) SeSystemProfilePrivilege     = Profile system performance
(O) SeProfileSingleProcessPrivilege = Profile single process
(O) SeIncreaseBasePriorityPrivilege = Increase scheduling priority
(O) SeCreatePagefilePrivilege     = Create a pagefile
(O) SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege     = Increase quotas
(X) SeUndockPrivilege     = Remove computer from docking station
(O) SeMachineAccountPrivilege     = Add workstations to domain

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