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RE: Windows home path

> On 16 Jul, Larry Hall wrote:
> >  > Anyone know why the latest cygwin uses a path with spaces in it
> >  > (C:\Documents and Settings\username) for its home when it
> doesn't support
> >  > spaces in paths?
> A little more investigation suggests that if you haven't run mkpasswd
> to create an /etc/passwd that contains an entry for you, then Cygwin
> will choose C:\Documents and Settings\username as the HOME for the
> username.

Are you sure that's it?  Have you perhaps installed Dia lately?  Dia sets a
Windows HOME env variable to something like that, and usually that's not what
you want if you want a working Cygwin installation.  I'm sure other packages
exist that do likewise.  Check in Control Panel->System->Environment Variables
and see if that's your problem.  Setting HOME to what you really want your
Cygwin HOME dir to be will solve the problem, and likely not affect the other
app (Dia I know works fine).

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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