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Re: tar 1.13.25 runs forever and produces nothing on this test ca se

We'll make a developer out of you yet! :-)

You'll need to run setup and install the 'gcc' package (not
gcc2) and the 'gdb' package.  That should install everything
you need as a build environment.  You'll also want the source
for tar.  Get that from setup too.  Once done installing,
do the following:

  1. cd /usr/src/tar-1.13.25-1/
  2. ./configure CFLAGS=-g
  3. make

Now you can try this version to see if your problem reproduces.
The new 'tar' is in ./src.  If you can reproduce the problem there,
try it in gdb.  To do so, type 'gdb src/tar.exe'.  At the gdb prompt,
type 'r <command line parameters that you give to tar to reproduce
the problem>'.  This will start it running.   When you think it's to
the point where it's hanging, type ctrl-c to stop it and then 'bt'.
This will tell you where you are.  You can step through the code with
'n'.  Presumably, you'll see you're cycling through the same statements
at some point.

This may not point out the source of the problem to you, although
you'll have more information to report to the list about the case
you're running into.  The steps you took, things you saw, and the
result of 'bt' (initially at least) may help someone on this list
spot your problem.

Good luck and enjoy! ;-)


Biederman, Steve wrote:

Which I've never done; I'm not a cygwin developer, just a user.
Do you remember where cygwin documents how to set up a build environment
and get a build going?

-----Original Message----- From: Larry Hall [] Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 11:00 AM To: Biederman, Steve Cc: '' Subject: Re: tar 1.13.25 runs forever and produces nothing on this test ca se

Biederman, Steve wrote:

Any suggestions how I can proceed to debug why tar acts the way it does for me and
not for you?

I think you're down to building and debugging the code.

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