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Re: cron as service problem with OLE application

Igor Pechtchanski <> writes:

> On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, John M. Adams wrote:
>> Dear Friends,
>> I have this odd problem with the latest cron.  cron_diagnose seems to
>> think everything is fine.  I followed the instruction for reinstalling
>> cron as a service.  The service is set to interact with desktop.
>> I want to run a perl (non-cygwin) script that starts a gui application
>> and manipulates it via an OLE interface.  The application is for
>> downloading financial data (CSI UA).
>> When cron is running as a service, the application starts, the GUI
>> comes up, but it does not start the update (as requested via OLE).
>> If I start cron from a shell.  The application works as expected.
>> Any clues?
>> Thanks a lot.
> Well, the one obvious difference is that cron as service runs from another
> account (SYSTEM).  Another could be that the mount points and environment
> are different inside the application.  Try adding "env > /tmp/env" and
> "mount -m > /tmp/mounts" as one-time commands to your crontab and
> comparing the output to that of the same commands run from a shell -- that
> might provide some clues.  If all else fails, you could try to run cron
> from a SYSTEM-owned shell and see if that makes a difference.  To get a
> SYSTEM-owned shell, you could use the "at /interactive" trick (search the
> archives for an example).

The env differs in that the cron process has LOGNAME, TZ, and SHELL.
There is no difference in mounts.  For grins, I unset those variables
in my script, but that had no effect.

Running cron from a system owned shell gives behavior identical to
running under the cron service running as system.

John M. Adams

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