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Re: 1.5.0 - gettimeofday() out of sync with Windows time

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 05:53:02PM -0400, Larry Hall wrote:
>Chris Church wrote:
>>I'm using version 1.5.0 of the cygwin1.dll on Windows 2000 
>>Professional.  I've also seen the problem described below on earlier 
>>versions of cygwin (1.3.22).
>>I've found that the gettimeofday() and ftime() functions do not always 
>>return the correct system time as reported by Windows.  The time() 
>>function, however, always remains in sync with Windows time.  This 
>>discrepancy occurs when an application is started, then the Windows 
>>system time changes, then the application calls gettimeofday() or 
>>ftime() to retrieve the current system time.   Both gettimeofday() and 
>>ftime() always report the same incorrect time.  It also appears that the 
>>time as reported by gettimeofday() and ftime() is based on a counter 
>>that is initialized to match the system time, but once started, 
>>increments at a constant rate regardless of any changes to the Windows 
>>time.  (I have not yet dug into the source for Cygwin to see how these 
>>functions are implemented.)  Finally, the time reported by 
>>gettimeofday() and ftime(), when used within an application that runs 
>>for an extended period of time, will drift from the Windows time.
>>Is this a known issue with Cygwin, and are there any patches available?
>Not yet.  But this was mentioned on the developer's list this morning
>and someone is looking at the problem.

Sorry, no, no one is looking at the problem.  It's been a known problem
since the implementation.

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