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rebaseall question/problem

(1.3.22-1; XP)

Hi all,
I run rebaseall and it dosn't seem to find the dll's that I am having grief
with,  but it does go looking for large number of dll's from a long gone
kde2 install.
/opt/kde2/lib/mega.dll: skipped because nonexistent
lot's of these, but no other types of errors.....

How does rebaseall know where to go to find these; how do I get it to stop
looking for these non-existant dll's?

Also,  my current suspected rebase issue is with trying to install kde3 (
I've previously had problems with perl and python that I had to use rebase
on after rebaseall failed to find these dll's either),  I get the typical
"sync-with-child" errors in a number of places,  but in this kde3 case, it
is unclear to me what dll is involved.....(perhaps this is more a kde
question,  but It looks like a related rebase question to me)
kdeinit: Launched KLauncher, pid = 2304 result = 0
      6 [main] kdeinit: klauncher                    2304 sync_with_child:
child 3152(0x69C) died before initialization with status code 0x1
   9536 [main] kdeinit: klauncher                    2304 sync_with_child:
*** child state child loading dlls

Thanks, Bruce d

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