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Re: Windows home path

OK, so either HOME is set in your Windows environment to this, it's set this way in your /etc/passwd, or your user ID isn't in /etc/passwd. Unset HOME in our Windows environment and/or run mkpasswd as appropriate for your environment. Change the home directory there to be what you want/need if you're still getting the "wrong" thing. In this case, that would be because you're getting the home defined in your Windows profile.


Bill Pfeiffer wrote:

When I start cygwin from the installed cygwin batch file, it uses
C:\Documents and Settings\username  (where username is my current logged in
windows username) as my home directory.  As I stated before, I can change it
by modifying the HOME env var in the batch file, but this doesn't seem like
a good long term solution.


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Subject: Re: Windows home path

Bill Pfeiffer wrote:

Anyone know why the latest cygwin uses a path with spaces in it
(C:\Documents and Settings\username) for its home when it doesn't


spaces in paths?

Where exactly do you see this path being used?

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