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RE: Spammers watching this user forum

Christopher, I understand your argument ..but -there's a but..

-	It's not completely off topic since spam originated -as it seems
from this newsgroup-
-	people are concerned or there would not have been so many DIFFERENT
people involved even though the topic is neither religious nor political
-	There is a lot of discussion going on everywhere, even the lawmakers
and whole countries are working on this issue
( )
-	It's good to read about spam-assassin, which -I guess- several
members of this newsgroup (including myself) have now installed.
-	I also learned that bouncing can worsen things, which is why I
stopped doing it.

So, concluding: I agree that some might see our short discussion as
background noise. I've said all I have to contribute and have learned a few
things that I had not thought about; we let off some steam about the
annoyance that we all 'enjoy'; I personally profited a lot and thank for the
input everybody contributed. My horizon has been definitely expanded.

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> On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 02:42:41PM +0100, David Sharp wrote:
> >I reckon it is not Spam itself that is blocking up the net, it is all
> >the bouncing programs and people visiting websites to try and
> >unsubscribe from the lists.
> That and people discussing spam on mailing lists.
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