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Re: Spammers watching this user forum

On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 12:10:28PM -0500, guenter strubinsky wrote:
>Christopher, I understand your argument ..but -there's a but..

And, here's still more pseudo-spam justifying the need to talk about spam.

>-	It's not completely off topic since spam originated -as it seems
>from this newsgroup-

1) This is not a newsgroup.

2) The spam did not "originate" here.

3) Sadly, that "on topic" arbiter here is me.

>-	people are concerned or there would not have been so many DIFFERENT
>people involved even though the topic is neither religious nor political

Of course people are concerned.  People are concerned about Windows security
issues also.  That doesn't make general Windows security issues a topic for
the cygwin mailing list.

>-	There is a lot of discussion going on everywhere, even the lawmakers
>and whole countries are working on this issue
> )
>-	It's good to read about spam-assassin, which -I guess- several
>members of this newsgroup (including myself) have now installed.

If you want to talk about spam and compare notes about spam then five seconds
of research will show you lots of places on the web where you can express
your outrage or download software to deal with it.

I'm sure I could post useful tidbits about tropical fish here since I know
a fair bit about them.  You'd probably learn a thing or two in the process.
That wouldn't make my message any less off topic.

>-	I also learned that bouncing can worsen things, which is why I
>stopped doing it.

You could learn a lot more about spam and how to deal with it if you
read some forums that are specifically designed for the subject.

>So, concluding: I agree that some might see our short discussion as
>background noise.

This was *not* a short discussion.

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