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Re: Problem with tty

Philippe Fremy wrote:

Hi, I have installed cygwin but I am under the impression that the tty setting does not work.

$ echo $CYGWIN
tty glob notitle

When I start python, I do not get any interactive shell. Note that this is python from active state. But it works fine with the windows prompt.

When I start gvim (external, not the available with cygwin), I have not ^Z control.

Other things seem to be working correctly. Any idea what it could be ?


ps: I am not suscribed, so please include me in any reply.

Setting 'tty' for Cygwin will not have any affect on Windows programs.
Only Cygwin ones.  Running a Windows program from a Cygwin shell prompt
can cause output from the Windows program to get "lost" since they don't
understand ptys.  Use Cygwin's python and you won't have the particular
problem you mentioned when run from a Cygwin shell prompt with 'tty' set.

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