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RE: okay!

Write and send a worm that closes all open relays and all unused and open
ports 25 to stop sp<I can't say it here anymore>ing virtually completely. 

It's like using phages in biomedicine to kill a virus or 

use frogs to eat mosquitoes who might transmit the west-nile-virus
when they are to numerous send big hunting spiders to eat the frogs
send poisonous snakes to eat the spiders when they grow too much
spread a virus to eliminate the snakes 

.. I'm logging out for now. Made some friends here. Have to see what's going
on in front of my home: I hear dogs at my door and see people with torches
and tar...and they bring wood.. Oh how nice, they bring wood so that we
don't have to freeze in the winter.. but.. it's summer, why are they
lightening it now? What... Aaarghhh.. bzzzzzzzzz

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