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ssh-agent/add problem - cygwin 1.3.22-1 / openssh 3.6.1p1-1 (win98se)

I've just tried to get ssh-add working in cygwin, however most of the time it
doesn't.  I've checked the archives (and a general web search), and all the
posts I found simply dealt with ssh-agent being called incorrectly, thus were
no help.

By forcing a Zone Alarm confirmation (removing ssh-add from the trusted list)
I've tracked down the problem to be that ssh-add is trying to connect to
ssh-agent's port, minus one:

11:48am [ord@scholars ~] > eval `ssh-agent`
Agent pid 844141
12:04pm [ord@scholars ~] > ssh-add

Zone Alarm confirmation dialog: (obviously answered 'yes')
 Do you want to allow SSH-ADD.EXE to access the internet?
 Technical Information
 Destination IP: 4994
 Filename: SSH-ADD.EXE

Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.
12:04pm [ord@scholars ~] > netstat -an | grep | grep LISTENING
  TCP              LISTENING
  TCP              LISTENING
  TCP              LISTENING

(Zone Alarm confirms it's ssh-agent.exe that's listening on

12:05pm [ord@scholars ~] > setenv | grep SSH

The contents of $SSH_AUTH_SOCK is as follows: (opened in notepad)
!<socket >4994 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000 

I don't know a lot about socket files, but obviously the 4994 is the port
number, so maybe ssh-agent is the one at fault, creating the socket file
incorrectly, thus causing ssh-add to attempt a connection to the wrong port.

Strangly enough, this doesn't always happen (though does mostly). If I kill
ssh-agent (eval `ssh-agent -k`) and try again repeatidly, it works properly
on random occasions.  I've not been able to find any reason or pattern why it
occassionally DOES work though.

Has this been reported/fixed?


(cygcheck.out follows...)

Mark Ord                               | 'When you're uneducated and unskilled
Melbourne, Australia                   |  this is much better than making the
mailto://          |  Arch Deluxe.' |                      - Scott Johnson -

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