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Postmaster failing 'not enough core'

I'm running Cygwin on Windows 2003. I've installed ipc-daemon
as a service and I'm trying to get postmaster started.

I've created a postgres account, logged on under that account and run
initdb -D /usr/share/postgresql/data to create the DB.

postmaster is installed like this

"$ cygrunsrv --install postmaster --path /usr/bin/postmaster   --args
"-D  /usr/share/postgresql/data -i -B 16 -N 8" --dep ipc-daemon
--termsig INT --user postgres --shutdown #"

ipc-daemon starts OK (for a while It wouldn't but logging off and back
on seemed to fix that problem), but postmaster won't start. I'm getting
this in 'postmster.log'

"IpcMemoryCreate: shmget(key=5432001, size=1499136, 03600) failed: Not
enough core"

followed by the rest of the message. I've tried reducing buffer sizes to
16 (the minimum) and the max connections to 8 (as can be seen above) and
I'm still getting the problem.

I suspect it's a permissions problem (most of these seem to be:) ) Do I
need to do anything special to the postgres user, or allow it access to
any particular directory?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Kevin Jones

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